Welcome to my website and the wide variety of my ceramic work with different unique themes. My shop which currently focuses on ceramic jewellery is being developed further to include Christmas items and more 3d work. Commissions taken for work featured on this website.

Porcelain pendants
Porcelain Jewellery bowl
Porcelain pendants
Porcelain pendant
Strata Black stoneware pendant
Swedish Christmas decorations
Strata Black stoneware pendant
Porcelain Jewellery bowl
Stoneware Ripple bowl
Porcelain jewellery bowl
Stoneware Sea Pool bowl with gold lustre
Jewellery bowl underside
Sea Pool Bowl detail
Stoneware Sea Pool bowl
Stoneware Sea Pool bowl
Porcelain textured blue bowl
Porcelain blue and orange dots bowl
Porcelain dot platter
Porcelain textured fossil bowl
Sea and shore bowl
Porcelain flower bowls
Flower mural in progress
Flower for mural
Flower for mural
Flower for Mural
Commissioned wedding vases
Porcelain lace and pearls textile detail
Porcelain textile study with buttons
Porcelain paper clay lace study
Porcelain natural world study
White earthenware sea study
Porcelain texture tiles
Glaze detail
Porcelain Father and child sculpture
Porcelain cat lady
Porcelain Matchbox men figures

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Porcelain pendants