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The natural world, texture and surface are my main sources of inspiration. I mostly work with white stoneware, porcelain paper clay and sometimes black stoneware with vibrant colour glazes and interactive glazes.   I create a wide range of unique work including functional and decorative work. 

I also enjoy designing ceramic jewellery using porcelain and black stoneware.  As I am revamping this site I will  be setting up my  new etsy shop online shop where you can see contemporary designs and jewellery bowls to compliment.  Watch this space!

To develop ideas,  I photograph organic forms and surface details that inspire me, see the Inspiration section for examples. 

I have shared my love of  clay with many people of all ages and abilities over a long period of time with my teaching in schools as an art teacher and also community clay workshops. However I am mostly concentrating on my own work these days,  


Availability for commissions for ceramic pieces similar to the work shown on this website. Click here for contact details.

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